THE INVISIBLE GODARD says: "You know it when you see it. KINETic. It makes you feel that rush of adrenalin reminding you that you are alive. It is not passive, not a doormat. This movie will not go quietly. It aims to fire your synapses in ways that only cinema can. Speaking to you in the pure, plastic language that is the universal power of the movies.


It makes you feel the presence of the filmmaker within the film. There are no barriers between the audience and the filmmaker here. No division of form, function or content. It inspires you to go out and shoot a movie NOW!

But what does it all MEAN? If you have to ask that question, you've come to the wrong place. The KINETOFILM is defined by what it is. What it is NOT is everything else. Every frame of cinematic waste that has plagued the form from the start: The damaged brainchildren of 19th century playwriting.

The KINETOFILM is the goal of all great filmmakers: To shoot something today that may be watched tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow."


2010 KinetoFilm