4/10/08-The "trailer" is up on it's new page WWW.STILLHAVENMOVIE.COM and from now on all news and info specific to that project will be found there.

12/22/06: Stepped out of the cutting room on Monday for the opportunity to see David Lynch's new film INLAND EMPIRE at the IFC CENTER in New York and write a review for BeyondHollywood.com. Besides being a new film by David Lynch, the film is important culturally due to the fact that Lynch is releasing the film himself in the USA and Canada. Studio-Canal is still handling the release in Europe but Lynch is experimenting with a new model of distribution for artists like himself who have strong cult followings. Lynch has already had success with his own website, www.davidlynch.com and financed the shooting of INLAND EMPIRE himself. He is also getting into the coffee biz with his new "David Lynch Signature Cup" blend, available though his website and at several art theaters across the country. EMPIRE is playing an exclusive engagement at the center and has been sold out pretty much since it opened a few weeks ago. There is supposedly a woman who has seen it twice a day since then. IFC is running their own promotion where patrons who pay to see it three times get a fourth screening for free. I'm fascinated by the movie since it was made in a similiar manner to my own film over a period of almost 4 years on a small Mini-DV camera, the Sony PD-150. You can read my review HERE. The IFC itself is an interesting place. Take a look:

This was shot from the McDonalds across the street where I had two Sausage McMuffins and a greasy cup of coffee for breakfast. The way that McD's can get grease into everything is amazing. My meal was accompanied by a group of very loud young Asians who were trying to find out whether one of them was homosexual or not. If you ask me...

The restrooms at the IFC were located down a flight of stairs. You just follow the signs...

...down this hall out of "The Silence of The Lambs"...

THE IFC CENTER is actually the old WAVERLY theater which is where a great many Independent and Art films had the NYC premieres in the old days. The original idea was to create a real Filmmaking center here with editing suites for rent as well as seminars and labs. I think they have some AVID suites upstairs, but the rest is on hold for the moment. To honor it's past, the IFC named their cafe'/ resturaunt THE WAVERLY. Too bad it was closed on Mondays. Could've saved me from the Golden Arches.

10/15/06: KINETOFILM is now on Check this link in the future for trailers, shorts and clips.

08/05/06: I haven't posted in a long while, but I assure everyone that this movie is still in progress. Editing, pick up shots and scenes, special fx, scoring are all happening at once. There will be major changes coming to this site in about a month and much more info as well. The info will be updated weekly from that point on, so for all who have given so generously of their time and talents to this project over the years, you will finally be seeing some results. Other than the movie, I have begun to review movies both in theatres and on dvd including quite a few Indie projects as well. You can look up my reviews at www.beyondhollywood.com at this linkHERE.

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