Starring Glenn Mercer & Gerard Carden
Music by James Ieraci
Written, Edited, and Directed by Brian Holcomb

What would YOU do if you could move about the physical world as a spirit? THE NIGHTWALKER is a cautionary tale of a scientist who gets in over his head in an occult swindle.

Production Notes: I have admired the early short films of Rene Clair for years. Films such as ENTR'ACTE and THE CRAZY RAY played with cinematic illusion in the manner of the earliest film pioneers such as Ferdinand Zecca and Georges Melies. The cinema of spectacle in those early years used the camera as a magic box full of wonder. Clair performed a kind of dadaist spin on them using techiniques of freeze framing and reverse motion to somewhat different ends. I thought that now, in the 21rst century, it would be fun to play with all these new digital tools and tricks available to consumers and do my own spin on Zecca and Melies through Clair.


"Excellent, a gem of a film."
"Genius Concept...worth expanding into a feature..."
"A true filmmaking style..."
"A fun watch, very thought provoking. Great use of special effects, and locations...the voiceover is a tour de force."
"...Reminded me of the films of Fritz Lang...This filmmaker has a future."
"...right up there with the best twilight zone episodes..."
"Simply Stunning!"

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Here's what they have to say about it:

"The plot of this scary short film isn't really the most important part. Instead, the mood is what stands out, as I've seen few films that have manipulated my emotions like this one through the use of odd cinematography, creepy music and some of the most intense and scary narration I've heard in a long time. The narrator's voice is a lot like the voice of the narrator from the old "Outer Limits" TV show with a bit of Michael Dorn ("Worf" from the Star Trek shows) thrown in as well. As this voice guides the scientist through a strange combination of self-hypnosis, you see the helpless fool as he enters a world where no one can see him...except his enemy. You really find yourself tensing up during this time when the Night Walker comes after him. It's really hard to describe it all--just trust me that it's strange and very moving"-IMDB

"This film is really intriguing. The style is great because it reminds me of some of the old classic films from film school. I am particularly fond of the sound editing and the voice of the man who does the voice over. Brian Holcomb is creative in his way of having the voice-over continuous, having awkward beats and pauses in the sentences. The images are very appealing and easy to watch. I would have to agree with one of the comments on the discussion page (written by MisteR) in that I, too, usually get bored with these types of films within about 2-3 minutes. Luckily this film kept my attention and was consistently good throughout the entire film, instead of fading in quality at the end. Great work, Holcomb - keep it coming! Be sure to check out Brian's webpage: www.kinetofilm.com

THE NIGHTWALKER by Brian Holcomb: Old-school tech (it looks like it was shot on VHS-C) and old-school scares Lovecraft-style in this supernatural short. WEIRD and EDGY-John Oak Dalton Microcinemascene.com


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